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Massage Gun

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Muscle Massage Gun.Deep massage to relax muscles and relieve pain. Hand held portable fascia gun. Black, white, pink, green.



Muscle Massage Gun.,Deep massage to relax muscles and relieve pain. Hand held portable fascia gun. Black, white, pink, green.

Bullet point:

Massage gun is a great relaxation tool that is easy to use and is great for muscle soreness and chronic pain relief.It helps you relax your muscles during a warm-up and after a workout, and can also be massaged at home every day.

4 kinds of gear speed Settings:4 gear speed setting, up to 3200 times per minute, you can experience a more comfortable relaxing massage;Handle design is easier to hold,and girls can easily operate it with one hand.

Brushless motor:High speed brushless motor, constant power supply.Compared with the brushed motor, the power output is more stable and the life is longer.

Portable Massage Gun for Pain Relief: If you want to make your workouts more effective, then use our Massage Gun to see how this design eliminates stiffness, pain or muscle cramps in your muscles;The high-speed impact of the massage head can make the kinetic energy go deep into the muscle, stretch the muscle, and relieve the tension and soreness of the muscle.


Product description:

Color: black/silver/pink/green| Item Package Quantity:1

Low use noise: our massage gun is equipped with brushless motor, which is very quiet when using, while creating a comfortable environment for you.You can use it while watching TV or having a conversation with someone without affecting you at all.

USB charging :2000mAh high quality rechargeable lithium battery, guarantee 5 hours of working time (low speed), you can use at home, gym, office and other scenarios.

4 massage heads: suitable for those who experience varying levels of muscle soreness and can even aid sleep and relieve stress.

Product Details:

Fascia Gun

Case material: ABS (plastic)

Motor type: brushless motor

Motor power: 20W

Maximum speed: 3200r/min

Battery type/capacity: lithium battery/2000mAh

Charging method: USB

Input voltage: 5V=2A

Output voltage: 7.4V

Number of massage heads: 4

4 gears corresponding to the speed:

1st gear: 1800 revolutions;

2nd gear: 2600 rpm;

3 gears: 2900 rpm;

4th gear: 3200 rpm;




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