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Guasha Board

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Gua sha Massage Scraping is a traditional Chinese medicine science therapy. which can stimulate immune system, activate sweat glands, excrete toxic waste.It also improves mi-crocirculation, reduce pain from plantar fasciitis muscle knots etc,helps to diminish stress, fatigue, exhaustion, great for relax whole body.

*Multifunction Gua Sha--Gua sha can improve Circulation; Improve Lymph Drainage; Improve Skin Vitality and Maintain Beauty; Increase Absorption Skincare Products; Increase collagen and elastin production; Oxygenate the skin; Reduce Puffiness; Relax Facial Tension.

*Gua Sha Jade Stone--It’s made of 100% natural jade stone. Beneficial mineral is good for Skin Beauty and Body Health. Preventing skin from losing elasticity and promoting blood circulation.

*Full-Body Scraping Massage Tool--work well in different areas of the body, the smaller board can activate trigger points or reach body areas that are difficult to stimulate.

*Easy to use gua sha tool - Ultra smooth surface will be able to slide smoothly and never hurt your skin.

Using Tips:

Start with a clean face and use in morning or at night after you apply face oil, mask or moisturizer, and glide the Gua Sha tool over the skin. Start on your forehead, then work over the brow and go into the eye area because the drains are right here. Then you continue to go down the rest of your face.

Product Details :



Material Options :Rose quartz,Amethyst,Serpentine Jade,Obsidian,Aventurine  quartzite,Opal or Customized    



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